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There has been a lot of buzz regarding No Man’s Sky in the past few weeks after the launch of the NEXT Update which probably revived the game’s playerbase. Today, Hello Games announced a new Development Update, which adds some more content, and features a long list of bugs and improvements. The highlights of the upcoming update can be found below


  • New regional hubs submitted by NEXT explorers, including official community links for those who would like to join, as well as Euclid portal addresses for explorers who would simply like to visit.
  • Discovery progress for all regional hubs, revealing how many bases have been claimed in each region, as well as how much space is yet to be discovered. All explorers from community-led factions can contribute to their region’s progress by uploading their system and planet discoveries.
  • The names of the current leading explorers for each regional hub.
  • An indication of where the first community research mission is taking place within the galaxy.
  • The final batch of Atlas Rises POIs, completing this archive of memories.

Community Events:-

Specialist Polo and Priest Entity Nada, blinking around the edge of reality in their anomalous spacecraft, are broadcasting a request for assistance. Polo’s advanced boundary monitoring equipment has located a previously undetected iteration of the universe and they urgently need explorers to examine and explore this glitch in reality.

Beginning on Thursday 30th August, they will reach out to all explorers who have completed the first Space Anomaly mission. They need all the volunteers they can gather to help explore and document the reborn galaxies.

The first chapter of Polo’s research project examines a specific corner of the galaxy, where strange objects have begun spawning underground. Dedicated explorers who excavate and return them to the Space Anomaly will be rewarded with Quicksilver. Polo has constructed a new robotic companion to process this valuable substance into exclusive exotic collectables.

The initial range of items offered by Polo’s Quicksilver Synthesis Companion Bot are 6 new base building parts, 3 decals, a new emote, and a new character customisation. Over the coming weeks this will expand to 50+ items, including further base parts, emotes, customisations, exocraft, and more.

Apart from this, the game gets a load of bug fixes, which can be found here.

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