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Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) and Fractall Fall are happy to reveal new screenshots and a fresh trailer for Windfolka third person aerial shooter developed under the PlayStation Talents intiative that will be released later this year as a digital-only PS4-exclusive. The game also won the Best Use of PlayStation Platforms at the IV PlayStation Talents Awards.

The world of Eurian is at war. The ruthless Coalition wants to gain control over the floating islands, and in the process are abusing the power of trydian, the mineral that keeps them flying. Play as Esen, a victim of their experiments and now a soldier of the Resistance, to stop them and complete your revenge.

Fly around with Esen’s jetpack in this third-person aerial shooter to change the tide of the war and put an end to this conflict. In Windfolk you will have six degrees of freedom to roam around a picturesque world full of floating islands where positioning will be key to outflank your enemies and defeat them.


  • Fly freely around the world of Eurian in combat mode or speed up to be as fast as possible in turbo mode.
  • Use your wits to flank your enemies in hectic combats that will challenge you every second.
  • Explore Eurian and its wondrous environments, from a scorching desert to a tropical seaside.
  • Combine different weapons and skills to create your own unique play style.

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