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DarkStone Digital (Creator of The Subject) is announcing a new project “Our Secret Below” an escape room experience centered around puzzle solving and collection aiming to provide an experience similar to real life escape rooms while delivering a compelling and surprising story. Our Secret Below will be available for PC on Steam with plans for a console release on to Xbox.

About Our Secret Below

Nia Davis has awoken in a haze to a small cell in an unfamiliar basement. Her captor, an obsessed stalker, has chained her to the floor and is leaving her locked away. Overhearing conversations with her captor’s accomplice, it is obvious she doesn’t have long to live.

Escape the basement before it’s too late. However, things aren’t always what they seem. There may be more to your captor than simple obsession…

Play as Nia Davis to solve various puzzles, find clues, and help her escape to freedom.

More information can be found on the DarkStone website:

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