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The ACT II for Valorant came out today accompanied by a New Battle Pass, KillJoy, New Bundles, and Deathmatch (Which is due out tomorrow).

The game right now is facing some issues with the character Raze being temporarily locked, and frame drops on AMD GPUs, which has been realized by the developers and is already working on fixing it. Apart from that, Valorant Patch 1.05 brings us some exciting new content.

New Agent – ‘KillJoy – Newest to the Valorant’s selection of agents is KillJoy. KillJoy is a German agent, who brings out her brand new gadgets to the battlefield and believes tactics beat firepower. Read everything about the character here. 

Raze Nerfs – Raze has been slightly affected in this patch, with her Ultimate Deploy time being slightly increased, as well as the time between switching weapons is increased. This will allow other players to have more time in reacting to her Ultimate which is considered the most powerful in the game. Along with her Ultimate, her blast pack’s damage has been reduced to 50 from 75.

Competitive Updates – This patch brings out a lot of updates and the first being Act Rank. Act Rank will show your current performance and will reflect your best games. Competitive Act I has now ended and  Act II has begun. To claim your new rank, you need to play 3 games if you already received your rank in Competitive Act I, and you still need to play 5 games to claim your rank- if you are new at the game. Your rank this time can possibly be ~2 less than your previous rank, to judge that you are still in the same skill set and better. Your Performance in the game will have larger impacts on your ranks.

Deathmatch – While Deathmatch still has 1 day left to be launched, we have everything you need to know about it. This mode will be a 10 player – FFA. The person who will achieve the 30 Kill Goal first will be awarded as the winner. You will not be allowed to use abilities- it’s all about the firefight. You’ll be spawned as a random agent and you will be provided with heavy armor, and you can buy any weapon you wish. Deathmatch comes out on Wednesday, August 5.

Bug Fixes – A major list of bug fixes has been given out by Valorant, which can be read in the patch notes.

Along with these highlights, comes out a brand new ‘Battlepass’ with a ton of skins, player cards, charms, and much more. We have taken a look at these accessories in action and it looks absolutely beautiful. You can also find the brand new bundle called the glitchpop with brand new skins and VFX.

Excited? Read everything you need to know about ‘KillJoy’ here

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