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Eko Software has announced that, on top of the new Endgame content, Warhammer: Chasobane is also going to get a brand new character class and new zone as free updates

 According to the developers, this character will launch alongside a new zone, one focused primarily on expanding the endgame; expect new enemies, new gear, and another part of the Old World to explore. The most obvious choice would be a Witch Hunter, considering the fact that the currently available heroes; Empire Captain, Wood Elf Waywatcher, Dwarven Slayer and High Elf Mage works with Witch hunters at various points during the campaign. Unfortunately, the studio hasn’t dropped any hints about the upcoming character class and it seems like we’ll have to wait and see.

Next week Eko Software will release the first post-launch patch. This includes the new endgame mode, Invasion (which you can read more about here). A unique experience with its own rules, gear, and mechanics.

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