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The hype for the new game reveals is real. With the world shifting online for game announcements, leaks have become quite frequent. We’ve seen quite a few decent leaks in recent times which turned out to be true. Leaks are often unwelcome as they put a wench in the plans of the developers. Mojang decided to go the extra mile by welcoming leaks instead of turning away from them. In an innovative trailer, Mojang announced two projects that they have been working on for quite some time.

Mojang had announced that they are back in game development with a new refresh. Now called Mojang Studios, they also come packing a new logo and a new mascot called the Mojang. The trailer seems to be pretty ordinary unless one happens to be slightly more observant.

Mojang teases two new projects in their trailer.

During a section of the trailer, if one takes a careful look at the “Mojang-A-Tron 3000” (the machine shown in the trailer) – there is a screen which is shown as the “Secret File Browser”. Under the ‘browser’, two games are listed as New Game 1.exe and New Game 2.exe. The “Secret File Browser” might be the sequence of events for an actual announcement that is scheduled to occur during the Summer Games Fest (all file names point towards that). This also means that two new games will be up for announcement during this conference.

Quite a few fans have suggested that it is likely to be gameplay from Minecraft Dungeons; however, it is less likely to be so. The simple reason is that Minecraft Dungeons has already been announced, and it doesn’t fall in line with the tone of ‘new game’ as teased in the trailer. This is exactly what should make people more excited about – Mojang is back, and they’re making games.

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