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Microtransactions are coming to Destiny. Read that line again. let it sink in. You know this was coming, you are a little surprised it hasn’t already happened. This is Activision we are talking about here after all. Ok, you are allowed to rage for the next 5 minutes. Done. Moving on then.

The news comes out from the recent blogs at Bungie.net, where the devs have announced that Tess Everis will coming back and setting up the Eververse Trading Company which will allow microtransactions. The currency which will be used for transactions is called “Silver”, which you buy through your PSN and/or Xbox LIVE account. Don’t worry though, all existing guardians will get some free Silver to spend on the house.

The rumored logo of the Eververse Trading Company
The rumored logo of the Eververse Trading Company

What will be the Eververse Trading Company be selling. Well as Destiny devs are quick to point out; they are all COSMETIC. Intially the store will be selling 18 new emotes (custom animations for your characters). The company is set to release images and pricing for these emotes next week.

Bungie devs also announced that the team is planning some free content updates to the game. Yup that means more missions, more guns and more maps in various free updates spread across the most of 2016. This falls in line with the current plan for Destiny Year 2, where the game is updated for free, while income is maintained by microtransactions, until the time Destiny 2 is announced.

Tess Everiss, the girl who will handle your microtransactions
Tess Everiss, the girl who will handle your microtransactions

The store may also be adding stuff like sparrow skins and emblems or even shaders. But you never know. To be honest, the step to go microtransaction was not really surprising. Bungie have created a MMO, and now they are looking to create reliable stream of income from their game. With The Taken King getting rave reviews, more and more people are buying/going back to Destiny; and now since the game really feels fleshed out, a lot of gamers might not complain about the Cosmetic microtransactions.  Having said that I totally trust some gamers to cry foul, and dish out on both Activision and Bungie.

Which side of the coin do you fall on. Personally, I don’t mind playing along with people who have a cool new spanking new emote, until they keep kicking my ass with it in PvP. But I would love to know what you think.

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