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‘The Park’ a horror game which was initially exclusive to the PC platform, will now be coming to the Xbox One and PS4 this May.

The Park will be released on Xbox One and PS4 on May 3rd 2016.

In The Park, you play as Lorraine. Lorraine is a single mother who has to locate her missing son, Callum, who has run into an amusement park just as it was closing for the day. Although she can occasionally hear him calling for her, she is unable to immediately locate him and she soon finds that park has closed down despite her remaining inside. As she travels through the park calling for her son Callum, Lorraine begins to find notes and flyers that hint at the disturbing past of the park.

Admittedly the plot is just an excuse in horror games, but its nice to have some context. The game currently holds a 66 rating out of 100 on rotten tomatoes, so it might not be as great as say Amnesia or Outlast. But getting lost in an amusement park after dark sounds like a creepy and scary idea to me.

It should be noted (mostly as a footnote) that the game is set in The Secret World. A MMO game which still strong since its inception in 2012. Which means the game would be using locations and characters from the game itself. Which gives another reason to fans of the original MMO to pick it up.


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