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Peter ‘Durante’ Thomas, the guy most would normally associate with the famous Dark Souls fix that managed to make it playable on the PC, has started a new venture of his own called PH3 Games.

                           Durante mentions that the process for the same had been “on-going since September last year” and that they “finally got the bureaucratic IDs required to consider it fully complete”.

                                       The studio primarily aims to provide high-quality PC ports for video games. The official site for PH3 Games mentions that they provide renowned high-quality ports, as well as consulting related to performance aspects: optimization, parallelization, refactoring and tuning. Durante also mentions that the studio aims to publish their own games in the future.

                                                       Durante had worked on the PC port for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, but he is most known for making the famous “fix” for Dark Souls that made the game enjoyable on the PC. He also had written an analysis on the Bayonetta PC port for PCGamer.

                                               There are quite some video games whose PC ports I want to see, and I’m sure if PH3 Games works on it, it’ll be a good one.

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