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En Masse Entertainment announced today the winner of the ‘Tina versus Harpy’ community event for Closers, the fast-paced, online RPG beat ‘em up. The community has weighed in and the running and gunning precision of battle robot Tina will be the newest member to join the Wolf Dogs on April 3! En Masse Entertainment wants to thank the players who participated in this event.

Tina is a battle robot created to harness the awesome energies of Phase Power. For over a decade, she has served as a Trainer’s aide, but also puts her excellent skills to work in the field. Her unique control of Phase Power makes her a long-range character, and she’s particularly skilled against airborne opponents. In addition to her sharpshooting expertise, she can access imaginary space to summon various weapons as needed for any combat situation.

Closers is a multiplayer online action RPG (MOARPG) beat-em-up in which players take the role of one of the “Closers,” a group of psychic teenagers chosen by the world government to stop an alien invasion by defeating hordes of lethal monsters and closing interdimensional gates to thwart the invaders and their evil incursion. Fast, intense, and eye-poppingly beautiful, the game masterfully combines the frenetic action of old school arcade 2D beat ‘em ups with the engaging combo mechanics of fighting games, and the vivid art style and drama of an episodic anime.

Published by En Masse Entertainment, Closers is available on Steam and on the En Masse digital store. For more information on Closers, please visit the official site closers.enmasse.com and follow the progress of the game on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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