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Treyarch to Fix Slow Item Pickups In Black Ops 4; More Fixes On The Way

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout went live yesterday on PS4 and players indeed had a fun time with it, but, there are certain not so good features in the game as well. Picking up items in Black Ops 4 require holding down a particular key, and that gets really annoying at times. Thankfully, Treyarch have announced in r/BlackOps that they are working on a few fixes. The planned fixes can be found below:

  • “Item Pickups: We’ve seen several comments suggesting that the item pickup time is slower than expected. We’ll be updating the game to make pickup speeds as fast as possible without interfering with reloading, and make it easier to pick up items without looking directly at them. PC players will also be able to map keys to instantly pick up items when the Blackout Beta goes live on PC later this week.
  • Quick Equip Menu: Some players have had trouble performing certain actions while the Quick Equip menu is open. We have two fixes set to go live around 10AM PT tomorrow (Tuesday) that will help with this: Quick Equip will auto-close if you don’t do anything in it for 5 seconds, and auto-close and prevent from opening when using the Recon Car. For future reference, the Quick Equip menu can be closed by pressing down on the d-pad.

  • Armor: Much like the early days of the MP Beta, we’ve seen some online discussion about the utility of Armor in Blackout. We’re keeping a close eye on Armor’s performance during the Beta.

  • Friendly Fire: We’re aware that friendly fire allows your teammates to take you out – by mistake, or in some unfortunate circumstances, on purpose. While we always recommend choosing your Duo and Quad partners wisely, we’ll keep an eye on teamkilling throughout the Beta and consider other options. We’re also collecting stats on players who damage their teammates with friendly fire and have a security team monitoring those players for offenses that are outside the bounds of the occasional accident. Play nice out there.”

Treyarch design chief David Vonderhaar, also tweeted on why they didn’t go for a push to pick up option, and an auto ammo pickup option as well.

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