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2020 is the year of reminiscence, apparently. Companies are doling out tons of remasters in the hopes of making people get excited in older franchises again. Remasters are a good way to make people get into older games again. Remasters also mean introducing a newer generation of gamers to older games at a fraction of the development costs while cashing in on the nostalgia. One of the games that certainly deserve a remaster is the Mass Effect Trilogy – being from an era where Electronic Arts was the name of a brand was associated with good games. There have been quite a few leaks suggesting that Bioware is potentially working on a remaster, though no conclusive evidence could be piled up. Following a forum discussion, we can officially add to the number of rumors regarding this remaster.

A Resetera thread discussing the appearance of N7 (or Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered) has seen industry insider Shinobi062 comment on the legitimacy of the remaster. He confirms that the remaster is real, even though it won’t necessarily be called N7 edition – and the release date would not be in 2020. From his words, all release dates that have been assigned to retail markets so far can be assumed to be simply placeholders for the actual release date. It also seems that no name has been decided for the remaster – if it actually exists.

Quite a few retailers, including Game UK, have started canceling all preorders that they had taken based on the information revealed to them so far. This only highlights that the predicted October release date would not be a reality.

Like always, take the news with a pinch of salt – or maybe quite a bit of it.

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