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For a game that has not yet been officially announced, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is sure having a tough time. The Legendary Edition is supposed to be a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy with all DLCs included, only excluding the multiplayer mode from Mass Effect 3. First revealed in an article by VentureBeat in May 2020, reporter Jeff Grubb again dropped some interesting news about the franchise – the game was planned for a reveal and release in October 2020, but has now been delayed to early 2021 by EA and developer BioWare.

Apart from the pandemic, the driving factor behind this delay seems to be the gameplay and the visual quality of the original Mass Effect’s remaster compared to the second and third. According to insiders, the remasters of Mass Effect 2 and 3 boast of impressive upgrades, but the first game is currently subpar. The developers worry that it would make a poor impression on players, and might stop them from playing all three games. A lot of extra work is going into the remaster of the first Mass Effect, so that new and returning fans are not disappointed.

Check out the recent podcast episode of GamesBeat Decides (timestamped 05:03 – 11:58) for a more detailed look by editors Jeff Grub and Mike Minotti.

We, at Gameffine, are big fans of the Mass Effect franchise and had reported of the existence of this trilogy remaster back in August. What would you like to see in the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition? Tell us in the comments section below!

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