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 Bowlcut Studios is proud to announce that their spell-slinging multiplayer brawler, MageQuit, will be leaving Early Access and launching on Steam for Windows PC and Xbox One on October 9, 2019, with Xbox One pre-orders available through the Microsoft Store on October 2. But that’s not all! MageQuit will be launching with a totally revamped UI and an entirely new set of spells that utilize the power of nature!

With its official launch, MageQuit has a whole slew of fresh features, including the all-new, all-amazing set of Nature Spells to show that going green is the (garden) path to victory! Leave the flashy attacks to those pitiful pyromancers — the Nature element is all about embracing Mother Earth and using flora and fauna to fustigate your foes. Imagine the dulcet tones of David Attenborough as you cast the Frog of Life spell and watch your tiny tadpole grow into a ferocious frog that heals you as it leaps through the air! Even nature’s most adorable animal, the leech, will join you in battle and suck the life out of other mages and return it to you!

There’s also a brand new Spectate Mode for those cowardly conjurers too afraid to enter the arena along with six fresh music tracks from Fat Bard to keep your ears entertained while you obliterate your opponents. Not to mention a host of bug fixes, spell tweaks, and a Tutorial Mode for those Wizard’s Apprentices who want to sharpen their skills before entering the fray as part of the game’s launch.

MageQuit pits up to ten mages in two- or three-team online or local multiplayer matches, or an every-mage-for-themselves beards-to-the-wall free-for-brawl. Wanna-be wizards must out-cast and outwit their opponents all while defending against the terrors of the ever-changing deadly battlefield environments. Beards grow longer with each kill, and wizards who have managed to grow the longest and most luxurious beard after nine rounds win the match! With hundreds of spell combinations that cater to any playstyle, MageQuit is one game YOU SHALL NOT PASS up!

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