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Developer The Farm 51 has announced that their latest multiplayer FPS, World War 3 has been a great sales success since its launch on Steam Early Access on Friday, with over 100,000 copies sold within the first 48 hours. The developers took this time to thank the dedicated fanbase and expressed happiness in seeing years of hard work pay off.

Moreover, the developers addressed the network issues that have been plaguing the game and apologized while promising to offer a form of in-game compensation for the troubles caused. The Press Release reads:

 “We would like to apologize to all players who experienced issues with network connections during the first few days. Since the Early Access launch our development team has been working around the clock to fix the problems that arose. We are grateful for fans’ response to World War 3 and the support we received from our community on all of our social media channels. It made the last few days easier to endure, thank you. We are planning to offer a form of in-game compensation for your troubles, with more info coming soon.”

The developer has invited gamers interested in trying out the game to visit Warsaw Game Show on 26-28.10.2018. The dev team will be there happy to meet and answer all the questions.

“This is just the beginning of the road for us and we have taken into consideration all the feedback we received so far from our fans. There are a lot of updates ahead of us, and we hope that you, the players, will continue to help us, and make an even greater game together!”, concluded The Farm 51.

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