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We just saw the trailer for the Mafia trilogy today. The rumors for remasters of the Mafia games have been going on for quite some time. The official handle for the Mafia series has also been tweeting for a while, teasing the reveals. We got a taste of what to expect from the official announcement. However, it seems that people might not need to wait until May 19 for the actual reveal. The trailers for both games have been leaked.


Mafia 2 will apparently be available right after the official reveal on May 19, since the leaked trailer shows ‘Available Now’. However, Mafia 1 will be receiving the remake treatment. If you are yet unfamiliar with what a remake is, the recent Resident Evil games that came out are a decent example. What’s more surprising is that Hangar 13 worked on the Mafia 1 remake, so part of the previous leaks about Hangar 13 is false.


Also, when it comes to pricing, it seems that the first game will be a fully priced $60 game, while the remaster of the sequel will be made available to all owners of the original game. Also, the trilogy would be made available for a higher price (in around $80 if the rumor is true).

May 19 cannot come sooner.

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