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We’ve already seen quite a few prominent leaks about the “upcoming” future of the Mafia series. Apparently all the Mafia games are getting remasters. The leak also suggested that a possible sequel to Mafia 3 is in development. However, the leak ended there, without shedding any light on this supposed sequel. A new rumor has popped up, which goes in the same line as the previous leaks.

Hangar 13 had posted a new job for hiring a senior systems engineer for working on their “next AAA title”. The “AAA title” has been described as a game set “in an immersive world” and “with a strong narrative”. The description also suggests that the game would allow players the freedom to make meaningful choices that would affect the world and the characters around them.

The AAA description strongly hints towards Mafia 4.

However, the job description for the same listing has recently been changed to something much less obvious. The description now reads that Hangar 13 is looking for developers for building a new “competitive in-house game engine” and stops there. The details have been omitted.

This could possibly mean that the previous leak about the remaster of Mafia 3 showing the Mafia 4 logo, in the end, is true, and Mafia 4 is in development. The leak had also suggested that 2K Games wasn’t pleased with Mafia 3’s performance, and hence would not be giving the responsibility of making Mafia 4 to Hangar 13. If this leak is true, it only seems to validate the previous leak. In other words, the job description was changed because the AAA referred to in the job description was Mafia 4. Since 2K reassigned the project to another studio, the mention of a AAA project in the job description was removed, indicating that Hangar 13 wasn’t working on Mafia 4 any longer.

The rumors could also point to a worse possibility – that the game is canceled. It’s definitely a possibility but seems more far-fetched as a conclusion.

Like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt till a confirmation comes through.

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