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The Mafia games are some of the more underrated open-world games.that people tend to ignore. We’ve got three solid games in the series (with Mafia 3’s ride being a bit bumpier than the other two) to explore. A new game – Mafia 4 – is rumored to be in production – quite a few leaks point towards the same.

Mafia 3 ended on a rather peculiar note, with the ending depending on your decisions throughout the game. A Korean retailer listing has confirmed that a Mafia 3 definitive edition is in production (besides the fact that the  Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated the game). Mafia 3 definitive edition is rumored to be free if you already own the base game. There’s also a rumor that owning the base game would also grant you all the DLCs at launch. At the end of the game, a new quest marker will be added to the map called “What’s Next…”. On arrival at the quest, a new cutscene will trigger, following which the Mafia 4 logo will be revealed.

Rumors also state that 2K Games wasn’t happy with Hangar 13’s performance as a studio, and have reassigned the development of Mafia 4 to another developer. There’s hardly anyone who would have a problem believing this, as Hangar 13 was responsible for Mafia 3’s rough reception.

2K Games wasn't exactly pleased with Hangar 13's performance with Mafia 3.

The game is likely to be more of a reboot than a sequel. Mafia 4 also seems to be a next-gen title – meaning it won’t be releasing on the PS4 and the Xbox One. There’s also a rumor that 2K Games have signed a contract with Sony because of which Mafia 4 might have some exclusive content on the PS5. A teaser for the same is likely to be revealed at Sony’s next State of Play.

Like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt till an official confirmation comes through.

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