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“Murder on the Owl Express” E3 Gameplay Trailer Debuts, Level to be Hands-On at the Show

It’s a bird, no wait it’s a train, no really it’s Murder on the Owl Express! Gears for Breakfast, the Denmark-based developer behind one of the largest Kickstarter-funded indie 3D platformer, A Hat in Time, is proud to be bringing the adorable adventures of Hat Kid to E3 this year via The Media Indie Exchange, happening the evening of June 14th. Attendees of E3 WEEK MIX 2017 will get to play a brand new cinematic noir-inspired level called “Murder on the Owl Express”, just one of the many fanciful worlds players will explore in A Hat in Time when it launches this fall.


A Hat in Time tells the story of Hat Kid, a twee little space-traveling girl who finds herself stranded on a bizarro planet made up of weirder and weirder dimensions full of all kinds of nasty adversaries like evil spirits, lunkheaded mobsters, evil birds and more. Hat Kid must explore these levels using a range of magic-infused hats that she stitches together herself from items found in the environment, find the missing time pieces and get back to her spaceship. Just a normal day for a little girl in a big hat.

Just one act in the game’s larger Chapter 3: Battle of the Birds, “Murder on the Owl Express” takes much of its inspiration from film noir murder mysteries, and tasks Hat Kid with solving an actual murder on a train, as if in an Agatha Christie story. To figure out who the murderer is, Hat Kid must travel through the train and collect clues, while on a timer, and using the special powers afforded to her by her hats. Once time is up, the player has to select who they think the murderer is using the clues they’ve collected.

“‘Murder on the Owl Express’ is just one example of how we want the players of A Hat in Time to be constantly surprised by where the game takes them,” said Jonas Kaerlev, Director at developer Gears for Breakfast. “It’s not always about exploring bright and colorful outdoor worlds while collecting items and traversing platform puzzles. Sometimes A Hat in Time is about the unexpected, like finding yourself in a movie on a train trying to solve the murder of an owl and discovering that Hat Kid’s uncle’s sister is nothing more than a cardboard cutout.”

A Hat in Time was originally announced in 2013 as part of what turned out to be one of the most successful Kickstarters an original indie game has ever had. Since its debut, the game has been steadfast in development and adding charm and polish for awaiting fans. To be released in conjunction with publishing partner Humble Bundle this fall, A Hat in Time is entering its final stages of development in preparation for its full launch.

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