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Link’s Awakening Impressions

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was recently released for Nintendo Switch. As a remake of the 1993 classic for Game Boy, this new remake offers a full visual and audio overhaul. Developed by GREZZO, they previously handled the 3DS remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

After covering the first few dungeons, we’d like to give you a brief look at what to expect from the remake. We’ll include some changes as well as cover some old favorites. Plus you’ll be excited to know that the Color Dungeon returns from the Game Boy Color re-release!

Link's Awakening


The entire game is now remade in full HD. While keeping a top-down perspective, it even includes the dot-eyed character art style from the original. This loyal take also includes some gorgeous lighting and visual effects as well as a blur featured in the very tops and bottoms of the screen.

Link's Awakening
You will find maps to be much more intuitive in dungeons now. Plus you can add markers anywhere.

All the music features orchestrated arrangements now using live instruments. Not only does this include overworld music, but you’ll hear how the instruments you unlock actually sound for the first time! Plus the NPCs all have voice grunts now. Link has a voice as well akin to recent Zelda games and Marin has a singing voice. Plus many of the enemies look like they’re modeled similarly to the art style in A Link Between Worlds for 3DS.

Link's Awakening


Link can now move and attack in all 8 directions. This comes as a minor but noticeable improvement. Plus your Sword, Shield, and Pegasus Boots all stay mapped permanently to the same buttons. This may be perhaps the single biggest improvement to the game!

All of the dungeon layouts remain unchanged from the original. The biggest changes in terms of progression, however, come from how the overworld is no longer separated by squares. Also, using Mambo’s Mambo, you can now warp to any warp point in the game. They’ve included several more warp points across Koholint Island.

Also, combat has changed slightly. Shield-wielding enemies actually use their shield to block your attacks. Be sure to use your own to block and counter attack!

Take a look at more of the changes here.

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Link's Awakening

Link’s Awakening feels like a 1:1 remake for veteran players. However, there is still some back-and-forth you may deal with. Keep this in mind when exploring Koholint as you may still get stuck and have to backtrack around areas. Also note that Dampe the Gravekeeper lets you build dungeons now. If this mode interests you, be sure to pay him a visit!

Link's Awakening

With that being said, Link’s Awakening’s quality of life improvements include button mapping and warping. Both of these substantially improved my enjoyment to an already great game. Plus it includes a Hero Mode for anyone seeking the ultimate challenge!

I’ve had a hard time putting the game down since I’ve played it. It’s the perfect addition to any Zelda fan’s Switch collection. Be sure to check out Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch now!

Link's Awakening

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Link’s Awakening impressions. What about the game do you enjoy so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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