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Recently PC gaming has been growing at a tremendous rate, with many people shifting from current gen consoles to PC. Games sales on PCs have increased drastically from 2014. But what is the reason for the sudden increase? Eg: Recently Ubisoft released a sales chart which showed us that PS4 dominated their games’ sales at 27%, and PC came in second at 21% which was a great increase from last year when it was at 16%. Xbox One clocked the lowest among the three giants at a meager 11%. We can see that the increase is clear. And if Ubisoft games are increasing in sales, we think that games of better companies like Rockstar and Square Enix will be increasing sales by much more than 5%. Another proof of the fact is when GTA V was not released on the PC, back in 2013. Rockstar was shown a lot of scrutiny, petitions were signed and people were very angry. This may well be one of the reasons Rockstar brought it to PC with an initially PC exclusive first person view and an online version as well. Such instances show how big the PC Gaming Industry is, and its still growing. So we have a look at 5 reasons why PC gaming is growing:

#5 Mods

Mods are like the holy grail for games. They increase the life of a game drastically if done right. I mean look at Skyrim or Half Life or Team Fortress, the mods have increased the life of these games. People can create lots of stuff which become free additional content for extending the playing time of a game. Every gamer welcomes free content. Take Skyrim for example. It’s not a multiplayer game, yet even today many people play it. Because of the mods added to it, the game looks gorgeous when compared to games of even today. Modding has recently poked out professions like gaming photography, official modding etc which could be a game changer for many people. Good luck console gamers if they want to see modding any time soon.


#4 Utility & Performance

Yeah, I know a console is cheaper and plays most games. But a PC does much more than just play games. Photo & Video editing, multitasking, programming, developing, all these things can’t be done on a console. 95% of the people having a PS4 or Xbox One will definitely have a laptop.

As for the performance I won’t even go into it. All of you know that a PC is much better in terms of performance. Let’s take consoles right now. In 2007, when the consoles were released, they were pretty powerful machines. They played games at 720p with decent graphics. But PS4 and Xbox One both are not as good machines when compared to the time in which they were released. Look at all the third party games like Witcher 3, Battlefied 4, they all ran at 30 fps and even stuttered during gameplay. Just Cause 3 is just blasphemous on the consoles. Some people will find these playable but some people who went from PC gaming to console gaming will say “I’ve had enough of this”. This year at IGX also, The Witcher 3 was being displayed on a PC rather than on a console. Definitely, the performance is better, graphics are better but the performance is simply bad for a console that has just been released for 2 years. Heck even PCs don’t get outdated that fast. With the current situation, just imagine how CD Projekt’s next game Cyberpunk 2077 will run on the consoles.


#3 E-Sports

The charm of E-Sports has been on the rise for quite some time now. It is one of the biggest pulling factors.With games like Counter Strike, Dota 2 and League of Legends exclusive only to the PC E-sports, gamers seem to be coming over to the platform to become pros and earn a living through their hobbies. For those who don’t want to be pros there are other competitive games like HAWKEN, Nosgoth etc on Steam. Nowadays live matches of CSGO and Call of Duty are broadcast on some of the big sports channels, which is a great feat for the gaming industry. The matches are held in stadiums and are jam packed with spectators. We are not saying that console gaming is not considered competitive, it’s just that the arena and variety on PC is exponentially large. Philanthropic as it might seem, you may even find guides or coaches when you’re playing online who may help you become a better player.


#2 The Community

The PC gaming community is very large. In fact just Google the number of PC players in the world. It’s frigging 711 million, which in comparison to PS4 and Xbox combined (50 million at max) is about 14 times larger. And that’s just the number of gamers. Considering all the people at nvidia and AMD, all the hardware companies, the game developers, the concept artists, the list goes on. And let’s not forget the pirates. There are many people who play from torrents, which makes the community even larger. On Steam you can find many forums and discussions of games with everyone contributing something. The best thing about the games on PC is there are so many people playing PC games that whenever you go online, you’ll always fine some players playing the game.


#1 Games

The PC gaming library is huge. It is officially proven that a person can’t complete all the games on the Steam library in a lifetime. Let alone Origin and Uplay. I would add that games like Unchartered and The Last of Us are not there on the PC, but most of the other third party games come to PC. And as for current console exclusives, even though it has been 2 years since the release of the consoles, there are not many exclusives to which I can say “Damn I want this game”. The best games on the PS4 till now are Infamous: Second Son and Bloodborne (Which was an epic game), and on the Xbox side only Forza 5 and Halo 5 are the best, which are not as good as previous titles. Though both the consoles have good titles coming in 2016, on PC, there is a game for practically everyone. There are thousands of free games to choose from. The Steam sales are like lottery tickets. Thousands worth of games at dirt cheap prices. Eg: All the Valve games were for sale in about 450 INR in the Autumn sales (It says a lot).


So did we miss out on any major point? Let us know in the comments section down below. Peace out.

  1. Dude this is nothing but reasons for why PC is better than a console. This is no ways can be given as the reasons as to why PC gaming is growing, other than being a good click bait.

    1. Well, why else do you think PC games have started to sell more than the years between 2012-2014. Please do enlighten me. Even Nvidia and AMD have reported an increase in the number of sold GPUs and in general the number of PC gamers has increased.

      1. PC sales have increased over the years, for the same reason why more bread is being eaten each year on year. Its because there are more of us now. There are more PCs in the world, consequently there are more gamers (both pirates and legit) and hence there are more sales. Yes numbers can vary from game to game, but looking at the rise in sales year on year, is a little naive, especially when consoles sales are doing the same.
        And if you point out the speed by which they are increasing, remember you said there are 711 million PC gamers, and just 50 million consoles. Well what do you think is selling quicker?

    2. “why it’s better than consoles..” lol… each to their own but don’t state that like it’s a fact please.

  2. wow lame list.
    #5 mods only a few game are mod heavy like skyrim,fallout, doom mods are overated and only a few pc games are heavily modded.
    #4 utility and performance ill give you that but as we have seen even on some $1000 pc have trouble running some AAA games.
    #3 esports i hate them pc can have them.they are toxic.
    #2 pc community is a toss up the esport community is toxic and the mmo communities are ok the rest is bad.
    #1games ill still take consoles for games i dont care about rts,esports i just would like to see better mmo’s on consoles.
    other wise ill take console games and exclusives all day.

    1. Sometimes people with poor choice come around. Can’t help it though. Saying that the E-sports community is toxic. Go have a look at what the Sony community have made of a negative review of Uncharted 4. You’ll be surprised with it. No one can stand a word against that game.
      #5 Huh, forgot about GTA, Witcher 3 , AOE, Saints Row, CSGO, COD and practically every 4th or 5th game has a mod.
      #4 No one in PC community gives a damn about AAA games. They can go down the drain if they want. Games like COD and Assassin’s Creed can just scurry off. And which game did you have trouble running, provided that the game that you were trying to run was legit and not a pirated one. Also I hate loading times, the consoles have a loading time of more than a minute for AAA games if you want them so much. I have them loaded in like 20 seconds. Look at Just Cause 3 or Witcher 3.
      #3 Esports, no one cares if you hate them. Their community is anyways larger than the total console community and the general PC community.
      #2 I have seen kids playing multiplayer on the consoles, they are just as bad, if not worse
      #1 Yeah, you don’t have the luxury of getting games like Scalebound or Sea of Thieves and we still have the luxury of having your cake, No Man’s Sky. What else do you want?

      1. lol at you

        #5 gta the devs didnt even want that game modded the files were locked people kept hacking it and made mods and like i said thats just a few more games.mod dont want to make me replay a 150hr witcher 3 game.

        #4 thats why AAA titles will ALWAYS be made for consoles over pc.devs have to make money they dont on pc and it means we will always have consoles and pc will always get crap ports and other ports with a locked 30fps..lol

        #3 esports are toxic full of cheaters and dirty play.they are toxic as their communites are nothing will change that.

        #2 the avrage age of console gamers is 31 the avrage ages of pc gamers is 18-28 collage age.kids play hand held like 3ds and tablets.more adults play on consoles.do your self a favor and google avrage age of console gamers.

        #1 i dont have the luxury of games like scalebound,Sea of Thieves i am a xbox one ownerno mans sky will fail like most of sonys exclusives their only good ones are uncharted 4 and bloodboorn thats it.

        and a fun fact since im an adult and i work ill play my xbox one on my 50″led 1080p tv from my couch while you stare at a 22″ screen and get carpal tunnel from that wrist action that you are doing with your mouse while wasting $400 on a cs go knife..lol

        1. #5 Doesn’t matter if they didn’t want it, the community did it anyways, so you have a modded game

          #4 Which AAA game except the shitty Arkham Knight was a bad port on PC, not GTA V, not Far Cry, not Fallout 4, not MGSV, Rise of The Tomb Raider was an awesome port, Just Cause 3 was way above the consoles in terms of performance on PC and all of these games were 60fps games…. Have you ever played on a PC?

          #3 There is always a ‘Report Player’ option and it does work, because I have experience it a few times. If you report and the software verifies, the player gets banned.

          #2 Yeah, that’s why all the PC techies are 40 yr old and all the gamers on the console can be heard screaming curses in the voices of little kids. I don’t even need to search, I have experience first hand.

          #1 No Man’s Sky, I can’t say about that, I think it’ll be good on the PC and would be bad on the PS4. Uncharted for many people is good, but for me meh…… and yeah Bloodborne was better than everything the Xbox has brought till now.

          Well you can play at a 50″ LED 1080p HD TV knowing the fact that your console can’t even produce proper 1080p output lol and still struggles. Quantum Break runs at 720p upscaled to 1080p, Witcher 3 runs at less than 1080p and lol their presentation of Scalebound was lagging LIVE on the show. And you can keep being happy living in the dream world that PC players cannot play on a TV, well yeah, we are not accustomed to 1080p, the quality is simply blurry. I like my 25″ 4K monitor over a 50″ 1K monitor. Well you know, personal preferences.

          1. poor guy stretching for what ever he can.is ok its ok. have fun staring at you 25″ monitor ill just kick back with a beer and game. have fun raging at hackers and cheaters in your esports
            big ass tv,couch,controller and a beer its all i need to game.

        2. I think I get you. I work too, and I have a PS4. I come back from work, I power it ON, and then I can just game. No tweaking my processor, no over-clocking it, no pressure of overheating, and its guaranteed a certain level of performance. I guess convenience is the biggest advantage consoles have. Similar to how it is between people who use Netflix and use Torrents

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