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Tachanka’s Rework has finally arrived in Rainbow Six Siege. He packs a brand new incendiary grenade launcher and the DP-27 as his primary weapon.


The incendiary launcher is known as the Shumikha Launcher, which launches 5 rounds at a high fire rate These incendiary rounds will bounce off the walls, allowing Tachanka to use his gadget from safe angles. Tachanka will have 10 shells with him, to deny entry and set ablaze the enemies. Along with the gadget, his primary shotgun has been replaced with the DP-27 LMG, which has high destructive power. This gun has 71 Rounds per magazine, allowing you to create many rotations, open up hatches and create holes for Shumikha Launcher.

After the rework, the equipment for Tachanka will include the DP-27 LMG or the 9x19VSN SMG as a primary weapon. However, for a Secondary Handgun, you can choose between the PMM or GSH-18. As side gadgets, you can either bring in Barbed Wires or the Proximity Alarm. Tachanka has one more trick up his sleeves – he can now withstand after being DBNO just like Zofia.

You can start playing with Tachanka’s Rework in the Test Servers starting today.

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