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Developer Pine Studio, the company behind the well-received Faraway puzzle adventure series, has announced that its latest Harry Potter and Professor Layton-inspired title, The Academy: The First Riddle, has launched today on PC and Mac via Steam for $19.99 and the App Store and Google Play for $9.99. In celebration of the title’s release, the studio has shared a features trailer showcasing the variety of challenges, characters, and settings puzzle fans can expect once they delve into the game. The Academy will arrive on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch later this summer.

Discover the Academy for yourself with today’s release trailer:

“The Academy: The First Riddle is our most ambitious title to date, featuring breathtaking environments, captivating lore, and hundreds of challenging puzzles for players to sink their teeth into,” says Pine Studio’s Boris Barbir. “We’re eager for fans to unwrap the mystery surrounding Arbor’s Academy and shed light on the secrets hiding among the school’s darkest corridors.”

The Academy: The First Riddle places fans in Arbor’s Academy, a mysterious institution known for accepting only the world’s best and brightest students. As a freshman named Sam, players will solve over 200 puzzles and riddles scattered across the school’s campus. Over the course of this roughly 20-hour adventure, students will meet an array of memorable characters who will assist them on their quest to uncover the academy’s cryptic history.

Key Features

  • Challenging Puzzles

Fans will be able to solve over 200 puzzles and riddles to prove they’re worthy of being enrolled at the prestigious Arbor’s Academy. Each challenge is easy to learn but difficult to master.

  • Mysterious School

Inspired by Harry Potter, there are many stories waiting to be discovered within the Academy’s walls. Colorful classrooms, lush grounds, and ominous hallways are a few of the many places fans will be able to explore.

  • Captivating Narrative

As students roam the Academy, they’ll uncover secrets hidden around the storied institution’s campus and embark on a roughly 20-hour adventure that will be spoken of for generations to come.

  • Memorable Characters

The Academy owes its esteemed reputation to its extraordinary students and staff. Students will forge relationships with a variety of friends and foes on their journey, each one unforgettable in their own unique way.

  • Intriguing Lore

While there are puzzles to be discovered nearly everywhere in the Academy, students are free to take a breather and learn more of the institution’s rich history through a range of fun activities.

The Academy: The First Riddle is now available on PC and Mac via Steam for $19.99 and on Google Play and the App Store for $9.99. Fans may try the game’s first chapter for free on mobile devices. Additional chapters can be unlocked for $6.99 each or $9.99 as a bundle. The title will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this summer.

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