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Kingdom of Hearts has for long been a breakthrough Disney and Square Enix. I personally never got my hands on it, but a lot of people out there love the RPG based on various Disney universes.

Ever since Kingdom of Hearts 2 hit the gaming scene back in Dec 2005, fans have been (im)patiently waiting for the next chapter. Both Square Enix and Disney have avoided that, and instead gave us a slew of pre-sequels, mid-sequels and re-mastered version. Kingdom of Hearts HD  2.5 Remix keeps the tradition alive, and will is once again ready to woo the gamer inside you with Kingdom Of Hearts 3 just around the corner.

The Kingdom of Hearts HD 2.5 Remix is not just the old game with a shiny new makeover. No, it has a slew of new features, and even some new gameplay.


“New Features” trailer gives fans a look at some of the new content included in Kingdom of Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. With the release of Kingdom of Heart HD 2.5 Remix just a few months away, SQUARE ENIX Ltd., released a brand new trailer featuring video highlights of some of the many pieces of new content that players can expect to experience on 5th December!

Brand new to PAL territories, the FINAL MIX versions of both KINGDOM HEARTS II and KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep are two of the stories included in the Kingdom of Hearts HD 2.5 Remix compilation, along with KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded (HD remastered cinematics) – bringing players three magical journeys in one package!

Some of the many pieces of new content for players to get excited about includes:


  • A remastered soundtrack, featuring over 90 tracks, completely overhauled by an orchestra to provide a richer and more beautiful experience.
  • A secret movie that leads in KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep
  • New gummi ship missions

KINGDOM of HEARTS Birth by Sleep

  • New action and support abilities
  • New deck commands and a command style – “Rhythmic Mixer”
  • New items!


  • New cinematic cut-scenes based on favourite battles, including – Data Sora vs. Data Riku

Kingdom of Heart HD 2.5 Remix will release in PAL territories on 5th December 2014, exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

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