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Telltale games, renowned for their story driven walking sim experiences might be ditching the age-old engine they’ve been using so far.

Telltale Tool have been the cornerstone of the studio for over a decade. But lately, the engine has been showing its age a bit too much, leading it to stick out like a sore thumb and cause all kinds of performance issues. Finally it seems like Telltale is ready to bury their loved one and start a new budding romance.

According to a new Variety report, Telltale might be moving away from its home-made Telltale Tool in favour of the widely-used Unity engine. Its also worth noting that in January, job postings for Unity-experienced engineers were spotted on Telltale’s website by Restera.

Telltale has had a terrible start to 2018, burdening themselves with massive lay-offs and a lawsuit filed by its ex-CEO. The studio is finally ready to move forward with their partnership with Netflix to adapt Stranger Things into a game as well as release The Wolf Among Us Season 2.

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