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Valorant has quickly become the hottest FPS attraction of the block. With everyone staying inside, there’s more people to try out Riot’s addition to the competitive FPS genre. The game in its current state only allows 5v5 squad-based gameplay as of now. However, according to a new leak, that might not be the case very soon.

Valorant game files contain references to a new script called "Team Deathmatch".

The Unreal Engine script files that come as part of the game contain references to a “Team Deathmatch” mode in the “Game Modes” section. There’s hasn’t been any announcement about a new game mode recently, so it might be likely that the new game mode is destined to be added to the game in the next major content update. With the developer team working from home, delays are inevitable – so there’s no confirmed release date for the “Team Deathmatch” mode as of yet.

Valorant is a highly competitive shooter. Playing quite a few ranked games is bound to take a toll on one’s sanity – especially when they are on the losing side. Team Deathmatch fits in perfectly here, offering players a way to play Valorant without the stress of ranking down. Moreover, it also allows players to practice their aim with certain weapons against real players – something which the game’s training ground fails to offer.

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