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Just Cause 3…… we’ve no words for the game, as far as the graphics and the physics go. Just Cause has always proved that a game does not need story to be fun and this is coming from someone who is a sucker for good stories. The recent gameplay footage that has been released, has been getting a lot of attention. The game has pulled a lot of gamers together, be it newcomers or fans.


The gameplay released has shown the wing-suit and the new grapnel mechanisms. Looks like we will not be needing a Superman game any time soon, because Just Cause 3 seems to have perfected flight control and on top of that the game’s environment is almost totally destructible and puts Superman’s movies to shame. The grapnel mechanism is lot more flexible now as we can use more than one grapnel line to interact with the environment and the grapnels do not pull off on their own when too much force is applied. This makes us the master of the world for we can make helicopters crash into huge towers or even make statues hit themselves on the nose. The developers have said that a game like Just Cause 3 does not need a strong story, but this installment of the game will be more dense than the previous one. This game is all about fun factor which makes it the main choice for many games at the end of the year after games like The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid and Fallout 4. We are hoping that the game will give us a good farewell to the very well slotted Gaming Year 2015.


Let us know what you think about Just Cause 3 in the comments below and whether it’s on your “to get” list or not.

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