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It was our first time at Gamescom this year and boy, did we have a blast. From all the games to the cosplays to the nerd culture, it was rife with excited people wanting to try out games. We also got our hands on quite a few games, saw lots of demos and decided to tell you the 5 games that we found to be very exciting.

5. Dragonball Xenoverse 2

This is one of our personal favorite, just because we were brought up in the era of Goku and company with various transformations into super saiyan and epic villains like Frieza, Cell and Buu. The last Xenoverse had a neat twist, although not very deep, but the combat was just what made the Budokai series good. With Xenoverse 2, we get 5v1 battles and get to fight our own selves in mini games incorporated in the boss battles (That is just the new things we know of). The actual concept is what kept us interested. Unlike the Naruto games where the sequels are rehashes of previous games in terms of gameplay, Xenoverse 2 is taking bold steps to change the gameplay and the love shown for Dragonball Z doesn’t get any better than this for us.


4. Sea of Thieves

Yes, Sea of Thieves won many awards at Gamescom this year and for a very good reason at that. If you have ever wanted to be a true pirate, drinking ale, journeying seas and singing jolly shanties, this will definitely be your go to game. It has a unique art direction and is visually appealing, while the gameplay is crisp and at the same time the feeling of having an actual crew is enticing in it’s own right. I mean you go with a group of friends who actually help you capture ships, that’s just awesome.

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3. Dropzone

Dropzone takes the classic idea of Team battles and adds a “Capture the Flag” flavor to it. Each game is 15 minutes, and each team is of 3 players each. Each player in the team can be controlled individually or all 3 can be controlled by a single player. The object of the game is to collect orbs by killing neutral AI enemies and then deposit the said orb in the center of the map. Each orb gives you a point. And the team with the highest points after the time ends wins. We loved this new twist on team eSports game, and are sure you will too.


2. Prey

Prey became our choice because this is the first time we saw such extensive gameplay of the game and boy that mimic ability blew our minds away. The game feels quite a bit like Dishonored 2, which can be a result of the developers being the same, Arkane Studios, but keeps it’s originality with the unique gameplay elements- Glue gun, mimic, the enemies etc.

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1. Batman Arkham VR

Straight off the bat, ‘Who doesn’t want to be Batman?’ and while Arkham games till now have given us a bit of an experience on what it feels to dawn the suit of one of the most popular fictional character, Batman VR takes it up a notch by directly placing us in the feet (Actually eyes in this case) of the Caped Crusader. Batman Arkham VR is PS Exclsuive and is a must buy for anyone who is looking to invest in the hardware.

Yup, the VR headset is Batman’s Gadget as well

What do you think were the best games from Gamescom? Do you agree with our list? Let us know which games got you excited at Gamescom and more in the comments below.

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