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Do you feel down and want a total shakeup? We know a cure: dive into digital-based entertainment. There are lots of fun games to play online. Find the list below.

This summer has been destined to be truly hot. June, July, and August have promised to give us lots of exciting video toys. However, recent events (COVID-19 pandemic in particular) changed all the plans. Most new AAA jewels were pushed a few months forward. But we still need to be entertained to feel virtual-based rush and excitement.

There is a way out. Check out what emotions and experiences fun online games have to offer. Designed for any platform (PC, mobile) they’ll hook you with their content for good. We’ve compiled this list to make the search efforts easier for you. Read the descriptions below and choose the most attractive option that will make you happy!

Online Games for Fun

Words with Friends

This mind-challenging adventure is designed for 2 players. Your partner can be a random person or the one you know (username search). Each gets a bunch of letters to place on a big board. The more scores you get, the more chances of winning there are. However, it’s not about creating the longest or the fanciest word. The most exciting part is to put them in the right spot to double/triple your points. Try a couple of rounds to get the hang of the mechanics. Come up with clever strategies to always beat your opponent!

Note that you’ll need to sign in to access the title. It’s a very fast process: just add your email address or use a Facebook account.

Paper Minecraft

Of all the fun online games to play, this one is the most creative. You’ll enter a world that you can modify as you wish. Build whatever you want using simple materials and your imagination. If you choose Survival mode, you’ll have to eat and build a shelter to stay alive.

It’s not a new title. Actually, it’s a 2D copy of a famous 2013 hit. Old as it is, it’s still backed by the latest updates to make it interesting. By the way, you can join someone else’s world. Especially if you don’t want to build your own. However, follow its rules (written on special wooden boards with announcements).

Zombs Royale

It’s a top-down shooter that is usually crowded with people. The mechanics are similar to the toys of the same genre. You’re thrown into a map along with other participants. The goal is to grab a weapon and get rid of your opponents! Depending on the mode, you act solo, duo, or in a team of 4 fighters. The ultimate goal is to be the last man/unit standing.

It’s a good challenge to sharpen your reaction and other skills. Attention: there is poisonous gas around the playground. It gets closer to the center, forcing everyone away from the edges. Check out other options that are available on the website this challenge is posted on. They’re all free of charge and available through a browser!


This cute title will suit even small kids of some 7+ years old. It features one of the funniest creatures to take care of. Looking like a potato, it’s actually not. It’s an alien, a baby. You’ll wash, feed and entertain several such weirdos.

Play this fun online game through your smartphone (it’s more convenient). By the way, you’ll note that these creatures are picky eaters. They won’t consume some products, so you’ll need to know them better. Each action is backed by cool audio and visual effects.

Shell Shockers

A first-person shooter is a perfect tool to cheer up and get focused on dynamic action. But this one is special. First of all, the main characters are eggs. We have no idea why the developers chose them, but it’s pretty cool. Imagine what happens when you crack their shell? Yolky and messy! Secondly, it’s extremely fast-paced. Move really quickly to avoid death right in the first moments.

How to improve your gameplay? Work on your strategy: the more you play, the better you become. Compete against stronger opponents and copy their tactics to be stronger!

Lords of the Arena

You’ll need to sign in through email and enter your date of birth. But don’t go past this toy, it’s worth it! Once you complete the registration (about 1 minute), you’ll walk into a huge world. Filled with magic creatures, it’ll glue you to the screen for good. Princesses, mages, minotaurs, demons, skeletons…

Each character has superpowers. Master them to be more effective in battles. Enjoy the plot and battle against dark creatures. The mechanics are simple: tap on the screen to strike. Choose icons at the bottom to unleash your abilities. You’ll be aided at first, with instructions popping up just when you need them.


If you’re looking for online games for fun, this one’s for you. Released in 2021, it’s still super popular today. It’s an FPS set in a futuristic world, with neon-lit blocks and corridors to run around. You’re a human-like robot designed for heated battles. What are your enemies? Players just like you! Winning them in death matches is not simple, especially if you’re a newcomer to the genre. Remember this tip: move, aim and shoot really fast. It’ll make you a harder target and increase your chances of hitting someone.

Bright colours, smooth mechanics, and intensive rounds guarantee long-running popularity for this toy!

Wrapping Up

These fun games to play online are only the tip of the iceberg. However, they’re the top of the cream: popular and highly addictive. But if you’re desperate for big AAA adventures right now, there are cool options as well. Have a look at this list of the best FPS titles. They’re 100% interesting to enjoy in 2022.

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