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Here’s some good news for fans of Double Fine studios and their leader (and game design legend) Tim Schafer: Jack Black has confirmed his involvement in PSYCHONAUTS 2, the upcoming, crowdfunded, sequel to the 2005 Xbox/PC/PS2 cult classic/ masterpiece PSYCHONAUTS.

Seemingly confirming this himself, during a segment at the Game Awards 2017, Black confirmed that he’s part of the ensemble of the upcoming, eagerly anticipated sequel

Aside from being part of the Hollywood A-list, Black of course, is a close friend of Schafer, and has been involved with Double Fine for a while. Firstly, providing voice acting and his likeness for BRUTAL LEGEND, and providing his voice for BROKEN AGE, aka the last two Schafer -directed games. He is also a noted PSYCHONAUTS fan (and gamer), having expressed his enthusiasm for the medium multiple times in public. This makes him one of the top-of-the-line celebrities, who actually play games, instead of pretending to like them to score brownie points with a certain audience.

This is all great news. Fans can look forward to Black inhabiting another one of Schafer’s famed eccentric characters, and who knows, maybe a sequel to the (criminally underrated) BRUTAL LEGEND one day. Here’s hoping.

Psychonauts is still available on PSN and Steam while the sequel is set for next year on PS4, XB1 & PC; there’s even a VR exclusive title for PS4. If you haven’t experienced the first Psychonauts’ mind bending majesty, we recommend you do it at the earliest. You won’t be disappointed.

(Source: via IGN)

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