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Rainbow Six: Siege is at the ending period for year 3, and with increasing player numbers from other games, it is paramount to shake up the meta before the New Year can commence.  The game’s last operation for year 3 is called Operation Wind Bastion, taking players to Morocco.

The game will feature a new map in a fortress located in the Atlas Mountains. The glimpse is spectacular, and the appearance of an oasis on the horizon may be distracting. The map will allow players the freedom of breaching from the roofs. The game will also get two new operators, a defender who is the Commander for the Moroccan Special Forces, leading his forces into battle, and an attacker who is an explorer on the move, having covered the Sahara, the Alps as well as a majority of Asia’s rainforests.

The official reveal takes place after the Pro League finals, which takes place on November 17 and November 18.

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