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In what seemed like quite a sudden announcement, Intel had notified its partners that the supply of the Skylake models, particularly the flagships Core i7 6700k and Core i5 6600k, will be discontinued.

Intel has also told retailers and wholesalers that anyone who is ordering a pre-built system with the 6700k or the 6600k (or other Skylake models) will be getting them, with all orders upto March 2018 for prebuilt PCs having a delivery date upto September 2018 to be fulfilled. However, retail chains will probably run out of the Skylake processors by then, and they won’t be available for purchase separately. The process of elimination of the Core i7 6700k and the Core i5 6600k has already started this week.

Intel’s processors after Skylake continued to disappoint, resulting in losing out a large chunk of the market to AMD , with their Ryzen processors. Analysts figure that it is a marketing strategy by Intel to force buyers to upgrade to the Kaby Lake or the upcoming Coffee Lake series of processors.

No more official support for the Skylake products will be given by Intel, and Skylake owners are requested to upgrade to the newer range of processors as soon as possible.


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