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CSGO had gone through one of the biggest meta shifts in the game’s history when Valve decided to reduce the price of the AUG and the SG 553. The firepower combined with the scopes led to greater use of both the SG 553 and the AUG – with the SG 553 almost completely replacing the AK 47 for a majority of the player base. Months later, professionals could be seen complaining about the firepower of the SG 553, which seemed to perform a bit too well for its cost. Today’s update seeks to make it right.

This is the second update (the first being the one that introduced the Operation pass) that nerfs the SG 553. The SG 553 now has reduced fire rate and accuracy “in line with other weapons” (more prominently the terrorist’s AK 47). The AUG also received a slight buff, allowing increased unscoped accuracy while decreasing scoped accuracy. The biggest change for the counter-terrorist side seems to be the buff to the M4A41-S, which now has a cost of only $2900 as compared to $3100 earlier. The M4A41-S had its clip size increased to 25 bullets earlier, and this update actually makes it much more usable (even though its fire rate is still a bit too low). The Deagle, possibly one of the most inaccurate guns in the game, now has increased accuracy in jump-shots with increased recoil recovery after landing. Valve also seems to be trying to push players to use the Bizon – the $1400 SMG now has increased armor penetration – as well as the Tec 9, which now has more acceptable accuracy.

The update also includes a myriad of fixes to existing maps, including the scrimmage-favorite Anubis. The map had several shortcomings, including performance drops for several players, which seems to have been addressed in the new patch. The update also includes fixes to several unintended boost spots as well as clipping issues.

The update fixes several bugs on Anubis.


With the new update, Anubis is officially a competitive map, moving in from scrimmage. Future bugs, glitches, and other issues can be reported directly to the makers of the map. A variety of minor changes have also been introduced to a variety of other maps. The update seems to address a few reoccurring performance issues as well.


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