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CSGO Update Adds new Operation Called Shattered Web, Changes the Krieg Meta

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CSGO has got its first major operation after almost a year. Titled Operation Shattered Web, the operation pass allows players to earn rewards through a battle pass system. For the first time ever, the battle pass includes ‘operator’ skins as rewards. Operators can be unlocked and their loadouts can be customized to the fullest extent possible. Every player now gets a ‘Local Agent’ or ‘Operator’, basically a revamped version of the existing default CT/T models. A host of exclusive graffitis, stickers as well as weapon skins can also be earned by completing missions for the battle pass.

The update also shakes up the Krieg meta. Professional players have been calling for a nerf to the SG553, which behaved like a mini-AWP in the hands of the right audience. High hip-fire accuracy, as well as easy-to-control recoil on engagements using the scope, meant that the opposition was often at a disadvantage. Valve has noticed the complaints – the SG553 now costs $3000, an increase of $250 from its original price of $2750. What’s really interesting is that the FAMAS and the Galil have received a buff in the form of a decreased pricing ($200 off their original prices, now costing $2050 and $1800 respectively) as well as increased spray accuracy.

The new Cache is now playable in official matchmaking. The update also included minor changes to Vertigo.


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