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It’s not as if you really needed an excuse to play more Lucioball in Overwatch, but now you really have a reason to. As it turns out the gamemode we all love will offer just more than experience points to unlock loot boxes with.


Going through The Old lucio ball in 2016, a lot of changes has been made to the new upcoming version of lucio ball on august 8. As the anniversary of the alternate gamemode brings in a new competitive mode with leaderboards and a new map
With changes to lucio ball 2017 as mentioned in the new developer update video

Prove yourself to be one of the best lucio ball player of your region, Get ready lucio ball and summer games patch comes online on august 8th this next week and will run until august 29th
The summer games will bring a whole bunch of new cosmetics including what is anticipated to be a summer games legendary skin for new hero DOOMFIST, not only that last yr’s skins will be heavily discounted as well , In fact, last year’s legendaries will be but a third of the price of a new skin, at just 1,000 credits.


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