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Quantum Wizard is a puzzle platformer based on real quantum physics principles. With the demo and the steam’s greenlight now live, the community can try and judge the game.

The beta testers of Quantum Wizard agree: game mechanics based on quantum physics are providing a unique game experience. Key concepts such as the quantum tunneling, the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, quantum entanglement and more are the basis on which original challenges are built. One of the game designers has a PhD in particle physics.

The quantum double jump is the most innovative feature. You cannot gain altitude with it, but you can pass high obstacles. When triggered, you control a projection of the hero for three seconds. You can go up, but you have to reach a lower altitude than the starting point when the timer expires. Failing to do so will result in a rematerialization on the starting point.

With the Public Demo Version and the Steam Greenlight launched at the same time, the fate of Quantum Wizard now rests in the community hands. The team behind Quantum Wizard is confident that the community will be providing a genuine feedback since the game can be tried beforehand.

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