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Luckily this week we had the chance to benchmark the Cezor Play X and also their cute little PC with a Star Wars theme, which is nicknamed Darth PCious (We will cover in the article as well). To those of you who don’t know what Play X is- It is one of the 3 gaming PCs currently available for sale at Cezor. It is a mid-high ranged PC which runs most of the games currently in the market at Ultra settings at 1080p. For more info on this model and other models offered by them you can click here.

Cezor Play X

We started the benchmarks of the Cezor Play X first and ran the following games with all settings cranked up to max on it. Note that we had an AMD FX 6300 as the CPU for the rig. The Play X is going to be available with the option of having either an AMD FX 6300 or an i5 4th Gen. The performance will increase a bit when an i5 comes into action but the i5 model will also be a bit costlier. With the above conditions set we benchmaked the following games (All games had V-Sync turned off):

The insides of the Play X- Truly a Beast
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Tomb Raider
  • 3DMark Firestrike (Benchmarking Software)
  • 3DMark Firestrike Ultra (4K Test)
Games Max FPS Min FPS Avg FPS
Tomb Raider  34  66  54
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain  56  64  60
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  37 26 31

The games performed as per my expectations. It was not at all surprising to see Witcher 3 struggling with the FPS, but well, Nvidia gameworks is taxing. Without the Hairworks we were getting a stable FPS between 40-50. As for MGSV, there wasn’t much of an issue. We couldn’t benchmark other games due to time restrictions but we would be sure to update as soon as possible. The 3DMark Firestrike score was a bit off the mark due to the processor being different. The overall score in Firestrike was 7471 and for Firestrike Ultra was 2427. An i5 will increase the Firestrike score significantly, but won’t have much of an impact on most of the games, maybe 5-7 frames more.

Cezor Play (Darth PCious)

The next PC we benchmarked is the cutest little thing I’ve seen till date. Introducing you to the Darth PCious. Don’t go on it’s looks, it packs quite a punch and will definitely surprise you. It is basically a modded version of the Cezor Play, based on the Star Wars (Duh). The config of the Play is there in the link provided above. As for the benchmarks:

Games Max FPS Min FPS Avg FPS
Tomb Raider  28  39  32
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain  42  18  34
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  24  9  16

3DMark was not installed on the PC and due to time constraint we could not do the bechmarks. MGSV, after some settings were toned to down to High, ran at a good average of 44 FPS. Same was the case with Tomb Raider. In case of Witcher 3, it’s definite that Ultra settings gave a bit of a trouble to the Play, but turning on the Hairworks did it for the little baby.

We could not benchmark the Play Xtreme but we were lucky enough to have a look at the case that they are offering with it. Our conclusion on both the PCs is that they are extremely good and even if you get Cezor Play, it is going to stay with you for quite a while, and with Play X you’d be future proofing your PC as well as leaving room for future upgrades.

It’s the holiday season and they have a sale going on. So if you like what you saw, be sure to head up to the Cezor website, and order a gaming PC for yourself. They would be happy to help. If that’s too much you can always check out their Twitter & Facebook pages and let them know that you heard it from us. If you don’t like crunching numbers and want to know what kind of guys work at Cezor, check out our  tête-à-tête with them in the first part of this visit.

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