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As we reported earlier that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to the PC on August 7th, now Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment have also confirmed the System Requirements of the game.

  • PC version will support multiple resolutions up to native 4k.
  • It can be played in 32:9 ultrawide ratio and at a 3840×1080 resolution if your hardware supports it. Note that cutscenes remain limited to a 16:9 ratio.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC allows you to choose from several presets for both AA and AF settings.
  • It does not offer raytracing support. The characters, machines and environments are the same as those found in the PS4 version. (Thanks wccftech)
  • Unlocked framerate (60+ FPS)
  • Dynamic foliage
  • Improved reflections

These are almost exactly the same requirements as Death Stranding, and we are hoping this to be well optimized as well.

Now check out these beautiful new screenshots from Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC

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