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Fatshark’s brutal co-op adventure Warhammer: Vemintide 2 has received a Halloween event in the form of Geheimnisnacht (yeah, we can’t pronounce it either). Aside from adding Night Mode to all the maps, implementing a trophy room and decorating the player hub and adding new portrait, brings the game to version 1.2.2 which adds plenty of fixes and balance tweaks to the game.

You can view the patch notes here.

“Geheimnisnacht is the most ill-omened night of the year, and it is marked as an important date in the Old World’s Calendar. The veil between the living and the dead is especially thin on this night, and the Winds of Magic grow stronger. Only the strong and brave dare venture out after the sun sets. To celebrate, the sun has suitably set across Helmgart and all the maps will be illuminated by Mannslieb and Morrslieb alone, plunging once bright locales into dimly lit landscapes of despair.:

  • ‘Night Mode’ enabled for all the Vermintide 2 maps.
  • Event Quest enabled rewarding an event exclusive portrait frame.
  • The Trophy Room is now available.
  • ‘Difficulty Banners’ added to the main keep area.
  • The Keep has been decorated to celebrate Geheimnisnacht.
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