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The Tavern is never small enough for brew, some food, and some good old duels – with the occasional brawl thrown in all together! Hearthstone reaches a milestone of 100 million players, and celebrations are in order in the tavern to make everyone’s stay a welcome one.

       Starting November 7 to November 10, anyone who logs in to the game will receive 6 The Boomsday Project packs. If you are lacking some punch from Dr Boom’s lab in your collection, that helps fill the holes! The game will also reward five consecutive friendly challenge quests, awarding both duelists with 100 gold instead of the usual 80. All other quests will be canceled until you complete the five challenge-a-friend quests, so be sure to keep some space open for the quests if you don’t want to lose any of your existing quests!

Newbie players do have to complete a number of quests and get access to the quest system before they can get the Challenge-A-Friend quests.

The party has just started – with the new patch, the Rastakhan’s Rumble preorder is live, which also adds new Classic cards to make up for the deficit due to the yearly rotation of cards out of Standard.

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