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Visceral Over the Top Shooter S.C.A.R. Gets a New Level Flythrough Video

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Independent developers Savage Studios today revealed more environments from its visceral over the top shooter S.C.A.R. with its latest flythrough trailer.

Titled Where Demons Fear to Dread – The flythrough teaser video gives players a sneak peek of the foreboding game environments and nightmarish corridors and caverns that await them when episode one of the game launches on Steam on its new release date of July 16th.

With a nostalgic nod to the epic shooters of yesteryear, S.C.A.R. shamelessly relishes its opportunity to bring that visceral fast paced action screaming back to the present day. S.C.A.R. arrives on Steam Early Access for PC next month as a single player single level with further demonic episodes following later this year.

To find out more about the game and to wish list the game check out  its Steam page:


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