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Independent developer Savage Studios today announced episode one of its visceral first-person shooter S.C.A.R. (Simulating Carnage And Rockets) is coming to Steam Early Access on June 25th.

S.C.A.R. is a retro inspired shooter where the relentless hordes of demonic creatures have only one thing on their mind, your untimely demise, shredded to oblivion in the belly of hell. The pace is unforgiving, the task insurmountable as you mete out ballistic justice with the aid of shotguns, grenade launchers and death dealing rocket launchers. Traverse levels with your grappling hook as you look to gain the advantage over your relentless foe.

Watch S.C.A.R. – Gameplay reveal trailer here!

S.C.A.R. shamelessly gives an approving nostalgic nod to the epic shooters of yesteryear where many an FPS fan cut their teeth in the hallowed dungeons and doom filled pits armed with nothing more than a boom stick.

“S.C.A.R. brings its own unique version of viscerally charged mayhem and chaos that shooter fans will love, the added grappling hook brings a new dynamic approach to traversing different levels and we’d love to see what players think of episode one” Said Yiannis Kastritis, General Manager of Savage Studios.

S.C.A.R. will launch its initial episode on Early Access in late June with the view to bringing more content, weapons and levels based on player feedback in December 2020.

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