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Indian streamer Rakazone Gaming Banned from PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS

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Popular Indian streamer Rishabh “Rakazone” Karnwal woke up to a fine “You have been banned” banner today. Apparently, Rakazone played with a few friendly stream snipers, which didn’t go down particularly well with the folks at PUBG Corporation. Rakazone had taken the ban particularly lightly, even making a “Highlights” video on it (and let’s admit, teaming up with friendly team snipers is hilarious).

Teaming is a bannable offense in the popular battle royale game, with the ban length depending on the severity of the offense.

Stream sniping is a different issue altogether, and PUBG streamers had their fair share of stream sniping while streaming the game. The most popular case of stream sniping happened with Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, and PUBG Corporation’s swift ban of the stream sniper had attracted a lot of criticism. Stream sniping isn’t particularly exclusive to PUBG though, though PUBG popularised it among casual gamers to a great extent thanks to the fiasco caused by the bans meted out to stream snipers. (We ourselves had been particularly vocal about it.)

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