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The date is nearing, the date is so very close for the release of the next Bioware game, Mass Effect Andromeda. Many people are excited for the game, and there are many who are recovering from the trauma of the Mass Effect 3 ending (I myself ain’t sure why this is still an issue among the community). Now unlike Bethesda and Ubisoft who have started to not send review copies to reviewers a few days before the launch date, at least EA is staying a bit pro-consumer and is allowing reviewers to dive into the world of Andromeda before the consumers, so that they can warn the potential players about any niggles inside the game.

This came on Twitter, through the producer of the game, Michael Gamble who stated:

Source: Twitter.

Personally, I think this is great, and shows that they have confidence in their work. Let’s just hope that the game turns out to be good.

What you think about early review copies? Do you think that early review copies shouldn’t be sent out, like how Ubisoft and Bethesda have been doing, or is the vice versa more pro-consumer. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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