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If you’re having problems picking up legendaries and epics for the collection, in order to craft the perfect deck that can boost your MMR (Match Making Rating), and find the basic packs a bit too expensive for your pocket, then worry no more, because CD Projekt Red has got your back! The Starter Pack should take care of your free-to-play worries (purchasing the starter pack doesn’t count, or does it?)

The Gwent Starter Pack features a legendary card, 400 meteorite powder, and 10 card kegs.

The Gwent Starter Pack features three rewards – one legendary card, a certain amount of meteorite powder, and a decent number of card kegs.  Buyers get a chance to choose from 3 random legendaries, (and you can may get an animated version of the legendary, which has a greater value than the standard non-animated legendaries) which is immediately added to the collection. You also get 400 meteorite powder, should you want to animate any of the cards in your collection. Besides these, you get a total of 10 card kegs, which might contain legendaries, epics and lot more (including the rare piece of synergy for the new deck that you have been building).

What’s more, you’re getting so many goodies only for a puny amount of $4.99. What’s bad is you can buy it only once, but considering the insane amount of value you’re getting in one bundle, you’ll be getting a huge boost to your collection, the perfect start to your collection!


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