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COVID-19 has proven its might to the world at large. The virus is so contagious that everyone is forced to stay indoors and carry on with their work and enjoyment from home. Social distancing is the need of the hour, and every organization around the world has been seen stepping in to help people stay indoors and continue their work from home.

Gaming has proven to be quite a godsend in this hour of need. Normal boring hours pass like minutes when you’re busy exploring a virtual in-game world, oblivious to the world outside. Major gaming and esports organizations have already contributed quite a bit to help the ‘war effort’ against the virus, and continue to do so. One such prominent Indian organization is Global Esports.

A familiar name to most people in the gaming scene of the country, Global Esports has made quite a name for themselves. To help people stay indoors and maintain social distancing, Global Esports will be hosting grand tournaments in a variety of games like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Freefire, Overwatch and CSGO. The prize pool for the events will be solely for charity, though the winner will get to choose what charity they want to donate to.

If you wish to contribute further please donate to a charity of your choice. Stay safe!



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