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Determined to change the view that esports is a male-dominated niche industry, Global Esports, India’s leading and Asia’s fastest-growing premier esports organization has announced the launch of the country’s only all-female esports team, GEms (Global Esports’ Mythic Stones).

Four women from different backgrounds, individual fortes, but a common passion for esports, form this team. Each of these women has chosen a gemstone that best suits each personality. All their skills combined come together to form a powerhouse of talent- ‘GEms’. “Apollonia” Hinds with her ‘Black Diamond’ represents leadership, Kyar Thwe “Kivs” Thin with her Garnet symbolizes creativity, Suriya “Hikari” Banu with her Aventurine portrays confidence and Sukanya “EvilNut” Medhi with the Ionite stands for imagination. Completing a successful year in the industry and setting a trend for many to follow.

They will be making their first public appearance as ‘GEms’ at Dreamhack in Delhi on the 6th– 8th December 2019.

Global Esports have been making a heavy investment in India in the past few years, and this is just another step in that direction. What do you think of this new all female team? Have you seen them in action? Do you look forward to watching them play in Dreamhack Delhi 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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