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If you’re one of the many Counter Strike : Global Offensive players in the country who wish to go pro, but never had got suitable opportunities, then get your resume ready, because opportunity is knocking right at your door! Alien-h, one of the guys casting professional tournament matches are looking to create a professional roster for competing in the tournaments that take place throughout the year, and for having a chance at the international tournaments too!

If you wish to participate, all you have to do is get a resume ready with your team details and past performances, and direct message Alien-h at :


Conditions for applying include :

1) You should be playing with each other for at least 6 months.
2) If your team has participated in previous tournaments and has an experience in LAN gaming. Please provide the proofs and stats for the same.
3) You should be able to participate in LAN events.
4) You should be dedicated towards your team and respectful towards your team members.
5) You should have a good sportsmanship.
6) All team members have passports already or have applied for the same.

For a sample of the resume you need to make before messaging Alien-h, check here :


All participating teams will be put through a series of targets. The team who fulfills the targets will get a brand new world of opportunities to explore.

Alien-h will get back to you if you’re the “Chosen Ones”.


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