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A few weeks ago, ESL had announced a new league that was to inaugurate in Latin America, in which contestants will be participating in open-qualifiers. The winners of the open qualifiers will move over to compete against specially invited teams in the closed qualifiers.

Until this day, the identity of the invitees were unknown. But ESL seems to have broken the silence and come out with a list of the teams that are to come upon invitation from its Latin American branch.

The match up has been decided and they have been listed below:

Brazil W7M vs. Brazil Brasil Gaming House
Brazil Sharks vs. Chile Andes
Brazil Virtue vs. Brazil Dereguedere
Brazil Keyd Stars fe vs. Brazil Wild
Brazil YeaH! vs. Chile AEON
Brazil FURIA vs. Brazil TEAMMATE
Argentina Isurus vs. Brazil C4
Brazil INTZ vs. Uruguay Furious
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