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Today, Astralis, the Danish professional Counter-Strike team have announced that they would be using Ruben “RUBINO” Villarroel in place of Nicolai “device” Reedtz  for the upcoming ESL Pro League Tournament which will apparently unfold on Danish soil next year.

It was reported that Astralis could have possibly skipped the upcoming ESL Pro League if they were not be allowed to use their Blast Pro Series  stand-in Dennis “dennis” Edman at the event but later determined that they would put Rubino in their roster and continue to pursue ESL Pro League 2018 anyway.

In his official announcement, Danny “zonic” Sørensen, a former CS 1.6 player and the contemporary coach of Astralis quoted the following:

“First of all, we look forward to playing and we will do our utmost to reach the playoffs in the arena in front of all the local fans. It was such a boost to have the home crowd behind us last weekend at BLAST, and for us it’s amazing to be able to play two big events on home soil.”

“The competition is fierce and I have to say that playing with our 4th line-up in the last 4 tournaments does not exactly increase our possibilities to prepare optimally and to find our rythm on the team. That being said, I’ve had the chance to work with RUBINO before. He is an extremely skilled player, and it will be a great experience to have him on board for the coming events. We have had a great year, and we intend to finish the way we started!”

ESL jumped to the scene with a set of instructions and interpreted the difference between having dennis and RUBINO play for the team. According to them, to allow either of the players to participate for the next ESL Pro League, they would have to be conferred an emergency transfer. Considering that the transfer deadline has passed, WESA(World E-Sports Association) was lenient enough to listen to their request and approved the emergency transfer relying upon the fact that dev1ce had to go on an unprecedented medical leave.

Astralis, in addition, have also declared that the newly recruited Norwegian will be partaking for the upcoming ECS Season 4 Finals, that will be held in Cancun, Mexico, this year mid-December.

Source:- HLTV

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